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“Believe you can, and

you’re halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Is your child struggling to read?

66% of students are not reading at grade level, and this number is increasing at an alarming rate. Poor reading performance can lead to a decline in students' overal self-confidence, lead to teasing and bullying by other students, may cause grade retention, and a failure to graduate. Don't wait! Our tutors can help your child to catch up academically and even exceed grade level expectations. Let's begin the journey together, today! 

Why is tutoring important?

Tutoring can help strengthen subject matter comprehension, boost students' confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don't get in a crowded classroom. Tutoring helps children who struggle academically to keep up and advance, as well as challenging those students who aren't challenged enough in the classroom. Tutoring also keeps students on track, or gets them caught up, during breaks from school; such as during spring break, or during the summer recess periods.

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What evidence is there for the benefits of online tutoring?

An interesting survey by Bramble* found that the majority of their users found online tutoring more or as effective than face-to-face tutoring. The survey which represents 2,000 users in a total of 38 countries gives a great insight into all sections of the tutoring industry. In the survey, 84% of students reported that online tutoring was more effective or as effective as in-person tutoring. Furthermore, 73% of parents and 72% of tutors agreed that better grades resulted for students who learn online.



"Ms. Maldonado was thorough and professional in her approach as a tutor. She 1st completed an assessment, to determine the student's strengths and challenges. She then laid out a personalized plan including homework assignments and met with the student once a week to review the progress. The student was initially reluctant to tutoring, but later looked forward to the sessions. There was tremendous improvement after 5 sessions. I would recommend her to tutor your young mind!" -Anjee

About Advanced Minds Tutoring

Dawnae Maldonado is the founder and owner of Advanced Minds Tutoring. She is currently the owner of two businesses, and she also holds a a masters degree from TUW and a bachelors degree from CBU. Additionally, she is a certified Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teacher and has a substitute teaching permit. Dawnae is also a board member and instructor for a remedial adult school.

Dawnae has experience working in public and private schools since 2017, as both an English Language Development Paraeducator and Substitute Teacher. She first began her time working with students from various countries, who had little to no English language skills. These students worked with Dawnae, learning to read, speak, and write in English, and they excelled at an impressively rapid pace. Even though English language has been her specialty, she has not only worked with students who needed help with English, she has also tutored many students in other challenging areas such as mathematics, science, and more!

Advanced Minds Tutoring was founded during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2021, as an attempt to reach students who were struggling academically, since being forced to leave the physical classroom. Both parents and students were searching for a solution to stop falling behind in school performance, and Dawnae wanted to help. Advanced Minds Tutoring makes it possible for students to receive the academic help they need, in a convenient and flexible way. All tutoring sessions take place online, and sessions can be scheduled as little or as often as desired.

It is Dawnae’s hope that Advanced Minds Tutoring will continue to grow and expand its scope of tutoring subjects in the near future, with a larger team of qualified tutors, who are ready to help your children reach their goals in every academic subject. For now, Advanced Minds Tutoring will continue to specialize in online tutoring for grade levels 2-12 in the following subjects: reading, writing, mainstream English, English as a Second Language, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and English as a Foreign Language. Mathematics tutoring is coming soon.